Wedding desserts

Everything is subject to various popular fashion trends, wedding cakes as well. Classic still remains a classic. We have a broad portfolio of desserts and we can adapt to the wishes of the wedding guests,“ says Viera Ileninová, a major confectioner at the hotel.
Future newlyweds even want desserts favourited by older guests too. From the main confectioner, we learned that even they and wedding where the punch was missing on tables or „Dobošové“ cuts or velvet roll.
The wedding cake needs some time to look nice and stay tasty. Therefore, instead of cream pie we recommend rather easy or firmer fruit with chocolate and nuts. Viera Ileninová adds that the trend today is to offer sweet buffet after dinner. Cakes on the tables are a bit conservative, buffet gives the opportunity to enjoy various specialties in pans or cups, for example. tri-color panna cotta, different kinds of sorbet, chocolate mousse and fresh fruit jelly. For wedding guests we can prepare the chocolate fountain, selection of icecream or lollies. We form a separate part of desserts for traditional dance after midnight called „redový“. Cutting a cake is history, now there are multiple cupcakes and tarts to offer.
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