Wedding menu

The traditional menu can be unconventional

We want to hear what people wish and not to force them to do what we want 

"Wedding menu is a highly individual matter," said Jozef Hromják, DoubleTree by Hilton Košice chef. "It is formed after long consideration and tasting with wedding guests. It is often a compromise. We listen to our guests attentively to know to create the menu for them, let them taste and convince them that they are on the right track. We try to prepare plans, later we discusse. The chef or sous chef is talking to wedding couple directly. It is a dialogue. We want to hear what people want and not force them to do what we wish to do."

Sample menu by Jozef Hromják, DoubleTree by Hilton Košice chef. 

Appetizer - the first contact with the kitchen. If we want to choose the very traditional ham rolls, although it can be prepared quite uncharacteristically, I'd recommend an easy salad with a piece of very sensitively adjusted pork tenderloin with creamy topping. This appetizer served with homemade bread that we bake ourselves. It is the subject of season. In the summer, tomato and basil in winter, for example, walnut or with dried fruit.

The wedding soup is very important. I recommend the one called consommé. double broth with pieces of chicken or beef with noodles and aesthetically modified vegetables, which is nicely crunchy in the soup.

Menu should grad - tasty appetizer, excellent soup, exceptional main dish. As main course I would, for example, recommended the duck breast. Classics that everyone knows, but for us to adjust it a little differently. We not bake it dry, but slowly, the meat is pink and the skin crispy. Duck is a celebration of poultry, served with honey sauce, roasted apple and the traditional side dish as rosemary potatoes or potatoes garnished with lavender flower.

Another course might be pork prepared sous vide method with fair flavor of pork. As side dish homemade Carlsbad dumpling, roasted in butter before serving. Cabbage is a traditional accompaniment to fried onions. Thanks to that it is gently caramelized.

Before midnight we recommend buffet with a wider range of dishes where everyone can choose from. 

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