Wedding rooms

We will prepare the wedding upon your wishes to each detail

We offer several rooms that are very flexible. We prepare a small wedding from 30 guests to large weddings with 350 people. All rooms are neutral and elegant, so there is no need to invest to decorating walls or columns. Decoration of any color will be tasteful and nothing will harm the atmosphere. At DoubleTree by Hilton Kosice there are rooms with high ceilings, air-condition and sound quality as well. There is a big screen or projector. Using this technique, the room can be darken and you can watch photos or family videos.

Probably nowhere else in Kosice there are not as flexible rooms as at DoubleTree by Hilton.  Podium for the band but and dance floor in the room as well will stand exactly where you want. Modifying an entire room can be compact, if you have a 'full house', or a little looser, so guests have more space.

The whole wedding facilities including toilets, changing rooms is at hand, all on one floor. It also offers a smoking lounge so guests don´t have to stand in the front of the hotel in the heat or freezing temperatures. The hotel provides parking in garage house with a capacity of 180 parking spaces. For wedding guests, we offer discount accommodation and the next day, Sunday brunch instead of breakfast to avoid having to get up early.

Even the smallest ones want to enjoy the wedding, so we can prepare adjacent rooms as children playground where children can draw or play different games. If wedding couple requests, we also arrange a babysitter. Also we can prepare cots for children to sleep peacefully.

We can prepare the whole wedding, but always according to the couple wishes. 

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